10 Things You Need to Do Before Selling Your IPhone

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Are you thinking to sell your iPhone? Do you know what you need to do before selling your iPhone? Do you know what consequences you might have to bear if you sell your iPhone without the precautionary measures? These are some questions that we have to ask from you before you read this article.

Selling your iPhone can be a simple yet complex task at the same time. It is a simple task if you follow all the precautionary measures before selling your iPhone, but it is a complex one if you don’t understand the importance of these precautionary measures and sell your iPhone without performing the important tasks described below:

1.      Get it repaired:

Do you want to get the highest price for your iPhone? If yes, you must check your iPhone thoroughly! Damaged phones are always purchased at lower prices. So, take off the cover and other accessories from your iPhone and check if the back or the front screen of your iPhone is intact or not.

If any part of your iPhone is damaged, you must check how much you have to spend on it to get it repaired. If the repair isn’t costing you too much then you must get your iPhone repaired before selling it. On the other hand, if the repairing cost is too high, then you can sell your iPhone in its original condition.

2.      Clean it:

Yes, unfortunately you would have to pick up the cleaning utensils and start scrubbing your iPhone. In order to get a good price for your iPhone you must clean it until it’s just like new. So, check for all the dirt that might live inside the charging port, audio jack or any other inlet of your phone, and start cleaning it.You should also check if the screen protector of your iPhone is too old or worn out. If it is so, you should get it changed or simply remove it, as a bad screen protector dulls the look of your iPhone. Now check if you have any dirt spots on your screen or any other part of your iPhone and clean that thoroughly as well.

Tip: for getting out the dirt from audio jack, charging port or any other inlet of your phone, you can use an old toothbrush or any other brush to clean it and get the dirt out from that part. Also for regaining the shine on the surface of your phone, you can take any glass surface cleaner, spray some of the liquid on a clean piece of smooth cloth and rub it in circular motion on your iPhone until it’s clean as new.

3.      Where to sell it?

Well this is the most complicated question for you if you haven’t decided yet! You need to be clear in your thoughts that where you want to sell your iPhone. If you exactly know the place where you want to sell your iPhone, then skip to the next part of the article!

There are many options available in front of you! You just have to pick the best one according to your preferences. Some of the options where you can sell iPhone online are as follows:

  1. Social Media: If you are an active user of social media platforms, than you must be having a huge social media following. If you have so, you can use the social media platforms to get the best price for your iPhone. For this you would have to first take some amazing shots of your clean iPhone.
    You should take the pictures in amazing lighting conditions, outdoor photography of your iPhone is always preferable. Take shots from every angle and try to make the pictures of your iPhone as beautiful and as appealing as you can. If the lighting conditions are not too good, you can always use any picture editing software to make the pictures of your iPhone good.
    Once you have taken some pretty amazing shots of your phone, you then have to write a pretty amazing description of your iPhone as well. In the description part, describe the specifications of your phone; including storage capacity, exact model, etc. After that, you should include the detailed condition of your iPhone with any fault that it might have. The description about your iPhone must be honest yet appealing.

Post the ad of your mobile phone with the photos on whatever social media platform that you use and wait for a potential buyer (follower) to contact you!

  1. Classified Ad: Just as on social media, there are many websites where you can post an ad for your iPhone and wait for a potential buyer to contact you. Here you can use the same pictures and description that you have shared on the social media platform about your iPhone.
    The one major difference between posting an ad on social media platform and as a classified ad is that here you would have to write a title for your ad as well.The title for the ad of your iPhone should be attractive and should have all the essential information about your phone. The title should include the exact model of your iPhone, it colour, the storage capacity and other essential information e.g. iPhone 7 Sliver 128GB – Unlocked.
  2. Apple Trade-in: Apple gives its users the opportunity to give your iPhone back to Apple if it is eligible for trade-in, and it return get an Apple Store gift card. To check the trade-in value of your device, visit Apple’s official website. You can easily check the trade-in value of your phone after answering some questions about your device, after that it shows you the value for your iPhone. If you accept the offer, you can easily send your device to them and get the gift card, which you can redeem for purchasing any other Apple device in future.
  3. Sell to recycle:There are many online platforms that allow you to sell your phone to them so they can recycle it for good. There are also many platforms that make the process even easier for the users by giving them a list of price quotes from recyclers for your iPhone. One such platform isSellTheMobile, where you can easily search for your phone through its make and model, select the storage capacity, colour and condition of your device and get a price quote list consisting of all the recycling platforms willing to buy your phone. So SellTheMobile helps you to sell iPhone, compare the potential price quotes, and to choose the best recycling platform to sell your iPhone to.

4.      Backup on iTunes:

Once you have found a potential buyer for your iPhone, the next thing to do before giving away your phone for cash, you should make a backup of your iPhone on iTunes. For this you have to install software of iTunes from Apple’s website on your PC/Mac. When it is installed, connect your iPhone to your PC/Mac and open iTunes.
You would be able to see a button with your phones picture on the left top side of the window, press it. You would find a summary tab in the new window, go to it and press “backup now”.

5.      Backup on iCloud:

Most of you will think that taking a backup on iTunes is enough, but it’s not! After the backup on iTunes is done, you must take a backup on iCloud as well. One of the major reason behind this is that anything can happen to your PC/Mac, and the backup data can be erased in moments.

For iCloud backup, follow these steps; Settings>iCloud>Storage and Backup>Backup.

6.      Sign-out from everything:

After you are done with backing up the data, you should log-out from every application from your mobile. The first and foremost thing you should do is to log-out from iCloud, then from iTunes and then from App Store. After you have logged out from these, you should one by one log-out from other application installed on your iPhone.

7.      Un-pair:

Once you have logged out from all of the applications. You must un-pair your device from any other device that it might had been paired to.

8.      Delete Apps:

Deleting the applications individually is also very important task to do when removing your data from the iPhone. You should delete every application individually to remove every bit of information shared in your iPhone.

9.      Don’t forget the pictures:

Don’t forget to make a backup of the pictures in the camera-roll of your iPhone. To make the backup of the pictures, you may use iTunes, or directly copy all the pictures from your iPhone to your PC/Mac.

For backup on iTunes: open iTunes>iPhoto>All Photos> Import All.
For removing pictures: open iTunes>iPhoto> delete photos from your iPhone.

10.  Factory Reset:

Once you have completed all the steps described above, you can finally factory reset your iPhone to make sure that every bit of your information is erased from your device. Also, factory reset makes your iPhone just as a new one.

Factory reset: Settings> General> Reset.

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Selling your iPhone can be a complex and risky task if you don’t do it the right way. But if you do it the right way, you can prevent yourself from the theft or loss of the precious data stored in your iPhone. Always sell your iPhone after completing these 10 tasks and forget about the data theft or loss.

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