13 Amazing Tips for Video Animators to Create an Animated Video like A Pro!

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Video Animation is indeed the best way to explain anything to the people, and also one of the exciting ways to provide immense entertainment for all age of people. With the emerging popularity of the video animations, the use of the animated videos has been found in every sector of the profession. Industries are not only using the animated videos for making movies or cartoons for kids, but it is also used for marketing campaigns, and even some companies get the corporate animated video to build-up a good image of their organization.

In order to create the best video animations whether it is for a movie or a corporate animated video, it is essential that the professional video animator must be aware of all the basic tips to develop an eye-catching video.

Here are some of the most excellent tips that are followed by every expert and professional video animator in order to create a striking animated video.

  • Understand the Need of the Clients

The most important thing to know before creating a video is to understand why the clients are requesting for the video animation, where they will use the video, for what purpose they will use the video, and who will be the target market or audience of the video.

  • Create an Appropriate Storyline

After knowing the purpose start developing the script that is needed to be followed by the video to convey the message to the audience with clarity and accuracy.

  • Select the Animation Software or Tool Wisely

There is a large pool of video animation software and online tools to create different types of animated videos. Every software is meant to create a specific kind of video, as there are separate software for 2D and 3D animations, and some tools only to create whiteboard video animation. A professional must know which software or the online animation tool is highly appropriate to create the animated video.

  • Sketch the Animations First

Before creating the video on the tool, it will be more appropriate if you will draw the scenes and characters on the paper first to be assured of what you have to develop.

  • Keep Drawing Until They Look Spontaneous

If the acts and movements you are drawing does not seem to in perfect order or looks like it planned all along, then keep redrawing until it started to look instant and spontaneous.

  • Perform the Actions Yourself & Record It, Before Applying It on The Characters

Performing this step will help you make a judgmental call whether the actions you wish to assign to the characters are suitable or not so that you can make the desired changes beforehand.

  • Observe the Characters From Everyday Life

Creating the characters of the video could be a tricky subject, which is why noticing characters from your regular life is very important as it will give you more inspired ideas to develop the characters using the audience’s personal that they will love.

  • Understand the Movement Psychology

With the help of movement psychology, it will become easy for you to allocate the right time of the movements or actions of the characters. There are a lot of aspects that are needed to be considered while allotting the engagements of the characters, which can only be understood if you will understand the movement psychology completely.

  • Keep the Animation Work Simple

All the features, attire, and surroundings of the video should be kept simple so that it would attract the observers rather than confusing them with too many details.

  • Do Not Try to Over Animate Any Particular Scene

Applying too many activities in any scene means you are trying to deliver too much information in a limited timeframe, which will complicate the audience and distract their attention.

  • Apply Gravity Effects to Make It Look Real

With the help of the gravitational effects, the images will give a more realistic look, which is observed as the most alluring technique to get the audience’s attention.

  • No Need to Form Every Letter of The Speech

Remember animations are different from the live action videos, so it is imperative that you should make the speech looks like the animated character is saying it.

  • Take Reviews & Open Yourself to Criticism

Reviews and criticism will only help you improve your work, which is why it would be a good thing if you will open yourself for them.