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The most frequent complaint that smartphone users often register is bad cell service and reception. So the obvious answer might seem that changing networks is the way to go about it right? The step may not be as easy as it sounds. For starters, most of the users of saidRead More →

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Xiaomi is said to be the Santa Clause of the phone market. The brand never tends to stop giving us Christmas presents without Christmas being anywhere near. The current wave of latest Xiaomi handsets is huge. If we choose to stay with the wave, there is the latest bomb theyRead More →

Honor 9x

Honor is one of the rising names in the smartphone business. It has been years that they are taking a share of the market, manufacturing decent phones. Whether a brand hunter or a risk taker, you will not deny how impressive Honor smartphones are becoming year after year. 2018 isRead More →

  The people are obsessed with gadgets and by gadget, I am particularly pointing out the craze of smartphones. The word has seen a large number of flagships and even greater number of smartphones. The competition is huge and every brand is tenacious to be the best. The users areRead More →

Xiaomi Redmi note 6

Xiaomi’s latest budget-friendly smartphone was launched in China on 24th June 2018. It has a range of advancements which makes it better than its predecessor. There is no denying that Xiaomi is becoming one of the frontrunners when it comes to introducing budget-friendly smartphones. Let’s shine some more light onRead More →

Internet Speed

Mywifiext.net is used to set up a wireless range extender. But there are chances that you might receive an error message while login. This is just because your range extender is not receiving proper internet signals. Always remember, for accessing mywifiext you should have live and running internet connection comingRead More →