5 Must-Have Technology Tools for All Web Designers

Web designers are central to the success of any business or personal Internet project.Being on the front lines as an indispensable part of any web strategy definitely has its rewards but can also easily lead to workload demands that can quickly bury a busy web designer and cut into productivity and client satisfaction, as well as the bottom line. Handling high volume production levels with the right tools can help to alleviate problems in the future. Here are the top five technology tools that every web designer should consider adding to their tool arsenal before taking on another project:

Version Control Already

Every application code developer knows the value of using a version control system to manage code changes and backups. The use of version control systems is just as valuable to those creating web projects and websites. There are plenty of forum posts and articles covering the topic of frequent client change requests or even the client asking for changes to be reversed if not done to their liking. With a version control system such as Git or SVN in place, complying with these requests can be handled with a few key strokes instead of hours of tedious re-coding. Many CMS platforms such as Drupal and WordPress have made the process for developers simple by integrating standard version control functions.

Web Design Template Frameworks

Bespoke Web Development is all the craze. Many would rather have a custom site built rather than risk the ill effects that might be induced by the use of a standard CMS template. Even premium templates are often used on a mass scale and might contain common footprints that can not only render your web design run of the mill but can alsohave security implications. Rather than have to start from scratch and resort to 100 percent hand coded solutions, many web designers will combine the speed and out of the box functionality of a CMS with the flexibility and expanded options that come with

the use of a template framework. Even the most common template frameworks, such as Thematic for WordPress or Adaptive Theme for Drupal offer plenty of standard features such as responsive design without limiting customization options.

The Best Connection Setup Possible

Web developers are aware that their entire business model depends on the best Internet connection possible. The speed of your Internet connection and the price that you pay to access it directly affect the bottom line. There are several options for speed and low prices, but many of them offer both at the cost of security or functionality. Many

people have chosen to use cable Internet connections only to find that dealing with a mass shared connection robs you of the advertised speed expected and while the portability of a wireless connection seems nice in theory, the scattered availability of service and inconsistent throughput rates are often drawbacks for those whose business model depends on reliability. A more stable, as well as a considerably faster fiber optic Internet makes web development both more efficient and more profitable in

the long run. This is a simple concept that can make a world of a difference in your professional life.

Invoicing Online Like A Professional

Every Client has their own preferred method of payment, and every developer has their own method of invoicing. Having the right online invoicing platform in place can save the hassles, time and money lost to inferior or unprofessional billing methods. Sometimes the simplest tools are the best. Platforms such as PayPal Invoicing might not have all of the bells and whistles often touted by more expensive options, but using such a household name can go a long way toward building trust and familiarity. PayPal no longer requires an internal account to send payments, so the need for more expensive merchant account solutions are a thing of the past.

An IDE Made For specifically for CSS and HTML5

Eclipse is a very popular platform for code developers of all types, but it can be overkill for focusing on HTML5 web development. Tools such as Aptana Studio provide the perfect blend of web-centric development tools in an IDE environment for professional coding and deployment. CSS and HTML5 gurus really appreciate its intuitive design and core functionality. Eclipse aficionados as well as other application code IDE fans will

also love the fact that if they wish, they can incorporate their favorite IDE without losing out on the added functionality and simplicity that a web focused IDE provides. With the right tools providing the ability to speed up and simplify the structuring and

customer contact functions of web design, web designers have more time to focus on the core labor of love that makes them the accomplished professionals they aim to be.

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