5 Mobile App Development Strategies Developers Should not Avoid

Each day in every business market the competition is constantly increasing. With this increasing competition, the pressure keeps building up to hold and stay in the market every day.

Just like any other market place, the competition in the mobile app development india market is increasing each day. The competition in this market is more than ever nowadays and it keeps increasing each day. To survive and do better in such a cut-throat competitive market the developers need to stay updated and avoid the mistakes that can easily eliminate you from the market.

There are thousands of apps being launched in the App Store or Play Store each day but only a few among them can be known to the audience. Others remain unnoticed due to the mistakes they overlook before bringing them in the light. Such mistakes ruin their reputation at the grassroot level itself and it becomes extremely difficult to revive from such conditions.

 Here are a few common mistakes app developers should not avoid while building an app.


  •       Fixing Everything in a Single Place

It’s easy for a well-developed enterprise to build an app with multiple features to solve multiple issues but for the beginners, it gets tough for obvious reasons. For beginners, their 1st priority should be to focus on one feature at the time. They need to build it in a way that it can avoid bugs and unnecessary app crashes successfully.

Building an app having multiple features at the same time where all are incomplete is confusing for the users and will bring you a negative impact on your freshly made app. While building an app, developers must focus on all the aspects of that particular problem and before they start working on the app development.  An app having so many features where it’s incompetent to solve even one of them efficiently is not at all acceptable. At the same time, such scenarios will be extremely confusing for users. As a developer, you should always avoid such circumstances.


  •       Aiming at Multiple Platforms at Once

While you build an app for multiple platforms at once you decide to compete with a large number of competitors and customers at once. As both platforms have millions of apps in the store already you choose a wide range of competitors at the same time. To build an app and make it available on multiple platforms at once, your cost and time to build the app increases in folds.

Focusing on the engineering costs you should opt to build the app for one platform at once. This will help you bring MVP in the market.

Launching and focusing on both platforms at once will increase the costing and complications for you. So, it’s always better to build an app targeting one platform at first before posting it to others. This just not saves you the costing but even from the complications involved.


  •       Avoid Bloated Features

After deciding a particular platform as your target to launch your app, you need to finalize the core features for your MVP. While building your app avoid rushing for development.

Also, avoid releasing the app before testing it. Without testing, you stay unaware of the bugs and other issues that need to be fixed. But make sure that the developer and the tester aren’t the same people. Cause while building an app anyone will give their best and any kind of lag or bugs in it can easily go unnoticed by them. Hence, it is always wiser to get your app tested by someone who isn’t from the developing team.

While building the app, try to remove unnecessary and negligible features from your app to provide a better experience to the user.

When released in the market, an untested app is bound to get a lot of negative responses and a very low ranking that must be avoided in any given condition.


  •       Ignoring the Target Audience

Ignoring the basic needs and requirements of the target audience is the worst mistake a developer can make during developing an app. The app you are developing is for the public and you should always keep their convenience in your mind before programming the app.

The first thing first, while building an app for a selective audience you need to be well aware of what they want and expect from the app when they download it.

So, to develop a successful app you need to understand your target audience well and design your app accordingly. For this, the thing you need to understand the kind of problem they might face and the type of solutions they might expect from you. At the same time, you need to be well aware of the kind of issues that will not be acceptable for your target audience.  If you do your homework regarding the audience beforehand, you will be able to create a better application that can be loved by the audience.


Avoiding the Promotion

This is another mistake that keeps happening from the developer’s end frequently. In case you decide to launch an app in the market without promotion for obvious reason the app will miss a huge audience at the beginning only.

In this fast-moving era while launching a new business the promotion is mandatory. No one will go through the whole list of apps. Even if they do the chances of them choosing an unknown app over the well promoted and familiar ones are close NIL.  Just as promoting an app well helps in gaining familiarity but at the same time, it indicates an application’s credibility as well.

For the promotion, you can buy the Ads from other apps so that they promote your app on their own. Nevertheless, this strategy might not be attainable for everyone due to the cost involved with this.

Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram might be of great help to you on this matter. As you can promote your work on Social Media for free it doesn’t add up on your costing. But in case you can afford you can still use the paid service of these platforms for a better reach to the target audience.



While you launch the app make sure to choose the right platform for the app launch. Don’t just go by instincts before opting App Store of Play Store. Besides when you design the app bring uniqueness in it. You are to avoid copying ideas from others when launching an app in all circumstances. Copying other’s ideas will mean theft of intellectual property and you might face legal issues due to copyright violation.

Avoid these basic yet frequently made mistakes to create an app that gets the fame and attention that it deserves.