ValuableTips for Increasing your Internet Speed is used to set up a wireless range extender. But there are chances that you might receive an error message while login. This is just because your range extender is not receiving proper internet signals. Always remember, for accessing mywifiext you should have live and running internet connection coming out of main router. It is the local web address provided by NETGEAR. To get rid of such issues, we insist you to follow the valuable points given-below.

  1. Consider Checking Cables of Modem and the Router

Are you sure that you are using to connect your smart devices with each other and in proper condition? If the answer is no, consider replacing them once. Dirty, loose, and dusty cables can be the big cause of slow internet connection.

  1. Go for Different Filters

Low and unreliable filters are also the main cause of slow internet connection. To get rid of such situation, consider buying a high-quality filter that increases the speed of your existing WiFi network by 50-60%.

  1. Remove Unnecessary Programs from your Device

In this step, what you can do, use add or remove program feature of control panel in your PC in order to remove those programs that are not used by you regularly. You can also access the task manager by pressing Ctrl+ Alt+ Del together to see the list of those programs that are running in background and consuming a lot of bandwidth.

Consider uninstalling or removing those programs or applications that are no longer needed. Inappropriate or irrelevant applications (third-party) that are not supported by your system can also be a reason for error.

  1. Install Firewall Security

Interference of third-party applications would be the main cause in reduction of speed. To get rid of such issues, consider installing a network firewall so that no unwanted or unauthorized traffic can enter your network without your permission. Network firewall also keeps your confidential data safe and away from unidentified people.

  1. Wireless Internet Security

In today’s world of threatening, everyone requires to have a safe, secure, and reliable network for web browsing. If you have kept your WiFi openly for others with no security on it, then no one in this world can stop you from getting into trap. To get rid of this what you can do, open a web browser type into field of the address bar or the default IP address of the router. This will definitely help you in disabling the unauthorized access of your internet by anonymous or unidentified people.

Note: The major error caused for mywifiext login is the interference caused by unidentified or mysterious people and their devices. If you want a solution for this, consider placing your router away from doors, walls, and windows.

  1. Turn off Interference Creating Devices

Another main cause for a slow internet connection or “ not working” is the interference caused by the third-party devices. We need our valuable users to shut down such obstructions when not in use. Such devices include cordless phones, Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, treadmill, juicer, mixer etc.

These are just the few examples of interference creating devices. There are many more in your home that you are habitual of using them daily. If you can’t turn them off, consider placing your router out of the reach of such devices. Remember, the spot you are choosing to place your router, supposed to be neat and clean, away from dust and heat.

  1. Switch to a Range Extender

Switching to a range extender is the best way to say goodbye to poor internet connection and dead zones. Range extender when configured with your router gives you the unbeatable speed of internet to the far corner of the house without buffering.

It is the perfect way to say goodbye to poor internet connection.

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