9 steps to fight with Google RankBrain

9 steps to fight with Google RankBrain

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Well, if you are seriously into SEO and determined enough to rank your website on the first page then you need to muscle out your competitors. And the one technical thing which will help you to understand the algorithm of Google is the Google rank Brain itself. But before that, you need to know about it and of course in detail.

What is Google Rankbrain?

Well, Google Rankbrain is the AI (Artificial Intelligence) system which runs on automation to understand the intention for search queries which can be for anything and everything. It targets the unique, relevant, unknown, common and any search queries and segregates them.

Google has its own operatives and the SEO enthusiast know about them. The most popular ones are Panda and Penguin for spam, Pirates for copy infringement reports, and for search queries it is RankBrain.

Why do you need to know about RankBrain?

In the recent announcement by Google, RankBrain is in the third position to check websites for their ranking signals. Also, it is still growing at a tremendous pace and those who are underestimating it,need to understand the importance of this particular algorithm.

So, those who want themselves listed on the first page definitely need to realize the role of this particular algorithm. The unique feature of this small part of Google algorithm is that it is an AI system that propagates or grows on its own.

The role of RankBrain- why you need to know it

Google was trying to solve a problem which was quite unique- people typed keywords in the search engine which were new and were not recognized by Google. This made Google scan THE end number of pages to find the exact match for the keywords before giving out the suggestions.

The job was done manually and actually was tedious. The solution was RankBrain which not only scans the pages but also figures out what you mean by the words you have typed in the search console.

It does not need any manual or guided administering. It has the capacity to determine the importance of backlink quality, content quality, ranking factors, and domain authority.

Well, if you are concerned and want your company to get listed in the first page, then you must know the tactics to deal with Google RankBrain.

We here share some very useful suggestions to fight with RankBrainand let’s begin with

  1. User experience- with a good metric score, the chances to drop your page and shift to another page is much less. Also, feed the visitor with what they need, provide the answer to their query and let them stay on your website with much information which is directly or indirectly related to your search.
  2. Optimize meta descriptions and title tags- use words that have a call for action, like “how to” or “what for” as these words will get better clicks and catch good attention. Sprinkle your title with emotions as Google get better visibility with titles which have words that can emote.
  3. Increase the site engagement time of the visitor- user dwells time is very important so you need to addvideos, images, information and of course interesting read on your website. Do not make your website boring and dull, in fact, make it well presented and interesting as the more visitors spend time on your website, Google RankBrain will rate it the better.
  4. Create your brand image- you earn the trust of your visitors with your brand image. They will lie to connect and find you for the next query or any search and the more they look for you, Google RankBrain will place you in the top position. Create your brand awareness and work it to promote it for better visibility.
  5. Provide fresh and good quality content- content is very important and it is the crux to make your website soar higher among the competitors. Always provide fresh and updated content on your website regularly. This will speak for your engagement and effort to the website. Fresh Content has the potential to raise the position of the website in the Google ranking and so it is like the fodder to get the ranking.
  6. Have a domain authority- google does not like spammed with low-quality domain authority and even with the fresh supply of content, things will not move in the right direction. To increase the domain authority, do quick research by googling for competitive queries.
  7. Content should be long form and deep- we need to go back to content and discuss more content. The blogs, write-ups, posts, and everything should be long form and deep. They should have the potential to solve the readers’queries and provide the perfect solution to it.
  8. Do deep research to figure out the purpose or aim of the keyword- keywords are typed to find answers and it is your website which should come up with a solution to it. So, deep research and analysis of the keywords will help you to figure out the real intent behind every keyword. Even with paid searches, if you fail to meet the real intent of the searches, it proves to be a huge waste of time and money.
  9. Engage LSI keywords- Google understands your page better with LSIkeywords and so with these keywords you are better to rank your page with these keywords. These keywords also make your page more and better comprehensive and inform Google RankBrain for it. It also makes sure that your content is comprehensive.

Businesses do get the right leverage they deserve only by the perfect visibility in the Google ranking system which is dominated by RankBrain. It is very important to understand the requirement and figure out how to score the right position in the Google search results.

With these tips any website can secure their position and get placed themselves in the right position they deserve; however, it might appear tedious and confusing initially, but with these tips, the tactics are much simpler.

Author Bio:

Ayushi Choudhary is a Jr. Content writer working with Ranking By SEO. In her corporate life she writes many blogs and articles on SEO, Link building, SMO and many more.