Android is the most well

Android is the most well-liked and adaptable working program for smartphones inside the present situation which is also obvious through the reality that it accounts for nearly 86% shares of product sales within the smartphone industry. The main reason behind such an escalated method is being open supply, flexible and very customizable. Also, the supply of a lot of apps by 1000’s of developers for the exact same is like icing around the cake.

Now, being an Android consumer, you could need to investigate the countless choices for obtaining the highest out of your Android device. Adhering to exactly the same, we are listed here using the greatest Android hacks and tips you should know proper now. These methods and hacks will not only cause you to smarter but in addition modify the best way how you communicate with your smartphone.

Best Android Hacks & Tricks

Install Linux on your Android Phone without Root

You could be surprised to know that it is literally possible to open up the Linux interface and command prompt on your Android phone. Now, installing a Linux on Android has always been a tedious task and often requires root but listed here, we do have a way to do that without root or any special knowledge and skills. By using Debian Noroot app, you can install Linux distribution Debian on your Android phone to get a few utilitarian things done. It is basically an operating system based on Linux which allows the consumer to install LibreOffice, GIMP, and other open up resource software through APT (Advanced Package Tool) and make use of exactly the same.
To do this, you just have to install the Debian Noroot app from the PlayStore, then just open up it like any other application and allow it to download the full package for complete installation. Once loaded fully, you will be welcomed by a mouse-oriented desktop interface where you can download and install certain programs or games just like on any other version of Linux. Nonetheless, there are countless possibilities to be explored in case if you’re bored with your Android. If you are looking free guest posting sites, you can are on right track.

Use your LED flash and Camera for Heart Rate monitoring

Yes, it is possible to monitor your pulse rate without the use of any fitness tracker or devices with a dedicated heart rate monitor. At once, it may seem like a gimmick or joke for you but it does actually work to a certain extent. Now, there are many apps available which let you track your pulse rate. The ones which actually work require your finger to be placed on the LED flash after which the app uses the camera to track color changes under your skin to monitor the amount of blood passing through.

Given that this is software dependent, don’t expect much accuracy and make sure that the LED flash on your phone doesn’t reside too far from the camera lens. Also, use a good application for the identical like the Instant Heart Rate app which we have used right here for greatest results.

Tweak the Status Bar using Program UI Tuner

If in case you’re bored along with your current status bar or plan of adding and removing certain options then you no longer need to rely on third party apps. You just have to enable the hidden settings menu called as “System UI Tuner” which can be done by holding the settings gear existing inside the Notification toggle menu. On doing exactly the same, the gear icon will start rotating followed by a toast message confirming that Method UI tuner has been enabled.

Now, you will be able to see the System UI tuner menu in the settings app where you can specify what sort of icons you want to appear inside the status bar like indication for orientation, networks, headphones (this ain’t enabled by default on some phones), etc. You can further tweak extra settings for Do Not Disturb mode, notifications and Always On Display (if supported).

Track your Android Smartphone

Ever lost a phone? if yes, then you could have had an awful experience like I did after losing my phone at the restaurant. At times, we misplace our phones and the worst part is if we kept them on silent, then there’s no other way you can get it back except using Google’s Find My Phone app. The best part with Android is that if you added a Google Account to your Android unit, then Find My Gadget is automatically turned on. So, whenever you lose your gadget, just head over to in any browser and log in with the same google account. Now, you can see the location of your device and can further erase all the data remotely, lock it down with a message or make it ring loud (even if it’s in silent mode), provided that your lost unit has access to the internet and location is on.