Best 6 tools to improve your SEO

Do you ever wondered to get your website first position in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Yes you can, every small business wants to get online. But as always it’s not an easy task for any SEO consultant. Yes you can create a strange website but we can not dream to rank it on first page in Search Engines without doing SEO

What is SEO

SEO is process of optimizing your website for getting higher ranking. By make some specific changes or using techniques you can make organic traffic for your website and place google ads, so people’s searches for relevant keyword related to your site they will get result of your website.

To boost your website ranking you can use some free SEO tools. Explained below

Plagiarism Checker tool

It is a tool its check your content is copied or unique, if you write a article for your website by copied with another websites it will be shows from where your articles getting matched. So this is the best tool to save your articles from plagiarized content. Because search engines did not gives priority to plagiarised content.

 Google Search Console

With help of Search console,you can increase your discoverability.Through this, you’ll be able to make sure that Google can reach your site. If you have written a new article or a blog, the Search Console also has a submit uniform resource locator page. However, Google says that just submitting a URL in search console is does not indexed by Google , but you can say that it will be definitely start crawling speed up and indexing process..

Keyword research Tool

This tool is best for searching relevant keyword for websites. You can take help of this tool if you choose a best keyword according to your article. Then it will be easily get rank. It helps you hunt for all relevant keywords you can use and how they might perform.It even combines keywords and gives. You suggestions is always based on the product service which types of services provide.

Image optimization Tool

This PNG tools helps to compress the images on your webpage for faster loading time. This tool selectively decreases colors in your image, reducing its size considerably. There is a good thing is that you would not identified the difference in image quality even seeing the picture.

 XML Sitemaps Generator

Having a sitemap is also a important method to index your website. This tool helps you to create a sitemap for your websites and with both XML and HTML variants. You just have to enter the full HTTP:// address of your website so the tool will start generating the sitemap.

In this result including all pages, like broken links, XML file content and link to the sitemap file.It crawls all page of your websites for free. There is a limit of indexing pages. If you need to index more pages, you have buy the paid unlimited version of the tool.The unlimited version is $19.99 including lifetime updates. If you have websites with number of pages, this tool can be very helpful for you.

Backlink Checker

This is a search engine marketing tool, backlink checker , is a tool that keeps a track of backlinks, from where your competitor getting link and what your competitors. which keywords are they ranking for and how do you compare against them? So we can say that this is very useful for you.