Best 6 tools to improve your SEO

best 6 tools to improve your seo

Competition is getting higher these days in every segment and the online segment is increasing on a daily basis. This leads to a high level of responsibility to website owners and publishers. So, they have to come up with the latest technology strategies. This is where SEO stands up and gives the advantage to achieve a higher spot in the competition. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is known as the latest implementation technique that helps your website to achieve a higher rank. It is ideal if you are running an online business or any website. Getting a higher spot means the reader’s view will increase and that means it will stay much higher in search results.

Staying in the upper position of search results leads to increased chances of catching attention and more views. That means attracting traffic to the server becomes easy with the help of SEO which is the ultimate aim of any website. The more views your website will get, the more profit it will earn. Successful SEO implementation is the perfect online business model these days where your business will definitely experience success with time. 

Now, if you are imagining SEO as a godfather to your online business then stop right there because you don’t know the disadvantages of SEO yet. Everything in this world has a good side-bad side and so does the SEO.

In this article, you will get to know why SEO is still being debated until the date and how the cons can mess things up. 

Disadvantages that are obstructing SEO’s usefulness

Some cons are major and some cons are totally negligible. Follow the points to know some of the major cons of implementing SEO. Then you will decide if you should adopt SEO strategy on your business or not. 

  • Results are time-consuming

When you see that SEO implementation starts providing results you will definitely be happy and it can be very assuring news for your business indeed. The results are satisfying but you may need to wait long to see it’s fruitfulness. 

Getting a good existence in search engines is complicated and takes a long time. Your website content may take hours, days, weeks, or even months to get indicated by major search engines. In no matter, SEO will never provide quick results to you in a short time.

That is one of the major cons of SEO implementation. The results are time-consuming and to some extent, it can even take some really long time to provide satisfying results. So, if you are really into SEO strategy and online business then you need to wait with patience to see the benefits. 

  • High-investment required

You need a professional SEO or a good SEO agency to implement SEO successfully on your business. That is the first criteria you need to look for. Nowadays, there are many online agencies available and you can choose the best-suited one for your business. If it sounds easy for you then wait right there because it’s actually not.

Hiring a professional SEO or a good SEO agency require a big amount of monetary supply. You have to invest high in implementing SEO. So, you need to have a big capital to hire SEO strategies and services. The SEO strategy is ideal for small, medium, large or any kind of business but it demands a high amount of investment and that may be problematic if you are on a tight budget. 

  • Time-consuming ROI

When it comes to SEO, not only the results are time-consuming but the ROI (Return of Investment) too. As it requires a big amount of investment initially so from an investor’s perspective, you will always want a return and the return must be satisfying.

Forget about getting a good return initially and even forget about getting a profit after you just invested in SEO. Wait, Wait and keep waiting – this is the mantra of SEO. The monetary profit and the good amount of return will definitely come with time but none can say when it will start showing results. 

This may be a frustrating situation if your budget is limited. Even you may lose all hope thinking that SEO strategy never going to shine a light on your web content. It will definitely give good results and that is confirmed but the timing of it is really unknown. 

  • 1st page top ranking doesn’t have any guarantee

1st-page search results are everything and always preferable. Statistics say that 75% of users have the tendency of not even going to the 2nd page of search results. So, from an SEO professional perspective, it is always their primary target to achieve a higher rank especially to land the content in 1st page. 

This will help to attract traffic on the server as well as more views on the website. You have already implemented SEO on your content, website and waiting long to see useful results but it is not even guaranteed that your content will stay on 1st page.

It may happen that your content may not take place on the 1st page or take a much longer time than estimated. In the mean-time, if you are still waiting then, that can be really frustrating. That is one of the major cons of SEO.

  • Penalty risks are significant

Implementing SEO has an ongoing risk always. The modern-day competition is really high, competitors and new players are coming on a daily basis. So, market trends are going up and down always. This leads to market changes very frequently. 

Frequent market change is becoming a constant and these changes always demand to swap the SEO techniques too. You can intact the SEO strategy same but you need to change some techniques too according to the latest market trends. 

So, if you don’t update it timely then your content or website may get a penalty or even get banned. This has happened before and many popular websites get banned for stated reasons. 

Regarding all other cons, without any doubt, it can be said that SEO plays a key role in online business. Most of the website owners are implementing it on a daily basis and it is a really helpful strategy. But all of the cons of SEO tactics make it debated for long and it is still quite continuing. 

Though all the disadvantages of SEO are valid and justified. But if you focus on the brighter side then you will see how fruitful an SEO can be. Risks are there in everywhere in the world and it is in the business market too. 

SEO has some significant cons that may lead you frustrated but if you can overcome the cons and get SEO strategies right then BINGO! You are on the right track.

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Archana Singh is a Professional Blogger and Content writer. She is working with Ranking By SEO.

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