Know About the Best Screen Protectors in the Market

Mobile phones are getting smarter every day. We have become dependent on this smart device. From starting the day till the end, they are always with us. Though the devices are smart, we still need to keep them safe from external damage. Previously, we had phones with buttons, now we have touch screens. These 5 inches to 6 inches big touch screens are vulnerable to scratches and damages. This was a huge problem at the beginning. Then the screen protectors were introduced in the market that promised to deal with these problems. No matter what phone you use, you can find any screen protector in the market. If you have Apple iPhone 8 plus, you can get iPhone 8 plus glass screen protector, and if you have Android, you can get the protector of your desired model.

People buy expensive smartphones today; theychoose a smartphone based on the performance and design. It is terrible if you have a phone that provides terrific performance but have a damaged screen! It looks really ugly. So, to protect your screen from accidental damages and scratches, screen protectors are out in the market for you.

Here, we discuss about some of the best screen protectors that you would love to try.

  • Glass screen protectors:

Glass screen protectors are made up of a glass screen. These protectors are generally 0.3 mm to 0.5 mm thick. They are finely designed to fit your phone screen. Glass screen protectors can be easily applied on the screen. These protectors are cheap and easily available. Glass screen protectors are scratch proof too! They are hard and durable and can withstand a minimum amount of shock.

  • Anti- Glare film:

These type of screen protectors is slightly different. The anti-glare film with a matte finish looks awesome on the phone. As the name suggests, these type of screen protectors is made up of different type of material which reflects UV Rays from the sun. So, if you stay out of your house for a very long time, this is a perfect match for you. This protector has an excellent matte finish and will help you to reduce battery drainage.  If you use this protector, you do not have to increase the brightness of your phone to read from your screen. You can see perfectly through this protector. These protectors are scratch resistant too.

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  • Clear screen protectors:

These types of protectors are made up of a transparent glass screen. Clear screen protectors are also known as invisible protectors because of their negligible thickness, that is, only up to 3 mm. These protectors are transparent and give a fresh look to your phone. The protector sits on your phone screen. Clear screen protectors are easily available and easy to fit. They are also cheap. These protectors are scratch resistant and also do not allow dirt to accumulate at the edges of your phone.

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These were among the best screen protectors available in the market. Whether you need glass iPhone 7 plus screen protector or Redmi note 4 protectors, find out the best deals and your taste and go for it. Don’t use some damaged screen phones, instead protect your phone before it gets damaged.