Can You Use your Smartphone to increase productivity?

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Even as smartphones make sure life is much simpler and organized today owing to the fact that it brings all the necessary features under one roof, these gadgets are also the most underused devices in the world in present times.

Can’t believe it?

Ask yourself this question, “To what extent do you actually use all of the features and specs available in your smartphone?”

Chances are, other than listening to music, clicking pictures, checking your emails, playing games and answering calls and messages, you don’t really do much.

Your smartphone shouldn’t just be a music player or camera to you. Certainly not, when it can play a vital role in enhancing your productivity level.

Here is how you can use your device to increase your output and efficiency.

Your device’s calendar helps you plan things better

While a pre-installed calendar or task scheduler can help you plan appointments, you can even download some of the more sophisticated calendar apps and plan your day in a seamless and efficient manner.

The GPS directions and well timed notifications are sure to help you get through all of your meetings in a stress-free and effective way. There are some calendars or calendar apps that impeccably integrate with the weather, tasks and map. This in turn helps you strategize and schedule your day-to-day work or personal events in an easy and thorough way.

Downloading work related podcasts ensures proper utilization of time

Want to stay up-to-date on industry news so that you can brief your team in a good way? Have time to spare when you are heading to a lunch meeting? Check out a few work related and business podcasts and download the ones you like best onto your device.

These are great to get a prompt yet comprehensive understanding of some of the latest topics ranging from business and marketing to even advertising and promotions. You can listen to these podcasts in your free time or when stuck in traffic and make use of this time productively.

An easy and stress-free way to make payments

You don’t have to run to an ATM to withdraw money or log into your computer/laptop to carry out digital payments anymore. Your smartphone does this for you without much ado.

You can utilize your devices to make payments via digital wallet apps. This also works to make things even more convenient for you as you do not have to carry cash or your debit/credit cards with you wherever you go.

Tasks can be performed in a faster way

While social media messenger apps makes it easy for you to communicate with clients, co-workers, managers and customers alike, your smartphone can even act as a device that keeps you updated about work and its reacted news as soon as they go live. This ensures you are involved in the various activities as and when it happens even if you are nowhere near your work premises.

The same goes for work related emails. You don’t need to specifically take out time to check your emails and open your inbox manually. While your devices can be set to check for new emails, a notification popup is all it takes to give you the information you need about an important email.

Utilizing Chrome’s cross-platform power

Your smartphone can function as a natural extension for your in-office operations through the help of an internet browser. You can sync the Android app with your desktop version and all your bookmarks are seamlessly available.

When you have signed into both places, every page you have opened from your desktop can be seamlessly discovered in Chrome’s history section of your phone.

Installing task management software

One sure shot way of enhancing your productivity levels with your smartphone is by installing a task management application. It gives you the power to gain all the functionality you need to work on your various tasks through your phone.

This application also gives you the chance to integrate with various online services which help you overlook and achieve your daily targets with maximum efficiency. You no more need a computer or laptop to perform these functions and so makes things convenient by helping you save time.

Besides this, you can store your data on the cloud while social media apps help you gain the exposure you need by making your product/company/business known to a wider audience.

Your device’s camera is not only meant for taking pictures and recording videos of moments, you can use it to snap your fridge/pantry to know the items you need to buy on your grocery list. You can also use it to take a picture of your car to know where you parked it or even make a note of essential information such as your vehicle’s number plate, prescription details and flier information among other things.

There are many smartphones brands like Panasonic India Smartphones, Vivo Mobiles, OPPO which make all of the above mentioned points a reality. This in turn helps you take your productivity levels to all-new heights.