Explore Important Ways of Integrating Instagram into Your Web Design

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Instagram that was once known as merely an image-sharing app has today, become the most popular social media platform. With over 800 million monthly active users, this platform surely is attracting more and more brands and businesses. Though there are several Instagram business tools, the web designers are confronted with the fundamental question as to how could they integrate Instagram seamlessly into the web design. Here are a few ways how brands are achieving success.

The Embedded Instagram Feed

The fundamental way of integrating Instagram into your web design is simply embedding a feed. Famedrop, which is an online apparel store based in Montreal, has effectively embedded a feed below the fold present on its homepage. Remember that the Instagram and web design integration could be seamless and much more unified if you have a nice Instagram theme that is compatible with your present products.

The Lookbook

An unassuming IG page could be creating a perfect content for an entire webpage without requiring coming up with any extra content. For instance, Vu Sunglass utilizes this effective technique as basically, a lookbook-style page for promoting their sunglasses. It would be listed actually as ‘Editorial’ instead of ‘Instagram feed’. So there would be absolutely no evidence that this specific content had actually originated from their Instagram profile. The seamless integration would be promoting e-commerce subtly by connecting the sunglasses when you click the thumbnail image.

The Sales Focus

White Fox Boutique seems to have come up with a page with a different sales approach. This has been entitled as ‘Shop Our Instagram’. Looking at the title, you could know the purpose clearly even before you could arrive on the specific page. When the Instagram pictures are clicked by the user, a host of links to the showcased products would appear taking the users directly to the product page.

There are numerous e-commerce brands that are very active on mobile applications; Instagram could actually be more accommodating to all these users. Today, Instagram has successfully started incorporating e-businesses seamlessly into the platform by introducing the Instagram for Business. However, the costs of Instagram adverts are supposed to be pretty high and smaller businesses could not hope to make use of them. For all these SME users, Instagram is intending to present simpler ways of integration to boost more followers for Instagram.

The Instagram Badge

More often than not, even the simplest possible integration could be regarded as the very best. Instagram offers “badges”, social buttons available in various sizes that can be used to direct visitors to your Instagram page. You can generate your own badge by heading over to the accounts section in the drop-down menu after logging in from your desktop browser and select a badge. The auto-generated code can then be embedded anywhere on your site.


With numerous other social media platforms that are being integrated seamlessly into web design, it seems to be crucial for designers to look for more effective ways of integrating Instagram into a web design particularly with the most active age group on this platform. We have seen that there are plenty of ways of integrating Instagram into your web design right from entire pages of content on Instagram to the subtle Instagram badges. Today, you have absolutely no reason to shy away from integrating this popular image-sharing platform effectively into your website.

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