Free Fire – the best alternative of PUBG

With the rise in battle royale games like PUBG, it was obvious that we will see more of it. Free Fire is the exact thing we were expecting. It is similar to PUBG in every way but the developers tend to be clever. They added so many bits in the game to make it a bit different from the PUBG.

It is considerably hard than PUBG which makes me wanna help out my fellow gamers. I hope this article will help you get a good hold of the game.

Cosmetics and Characters

Free Fire1

Free Fire has skins like PUBG. It has weapons and utilities like PUBG. But it also has characters which PUBG lacks. There is a total number of 8 players in the game and each one has different skills. Let me give you a short brief for the characters.

  1. Adam – free to play and has no advantage
  2. Eve – free to play and has no advantage
  3. Andrew – 2% less vest durability loss
  4. Nikita – 4% faster submachine reload
  5. Kelly – 1% increased sprint speed
  6. Misha – 2% faster driving speed
  7. Olivia – Revives other players with +6 more HP
  8. Ford – 4% lower damage while outside the safe zone

All six characters except Adam and Eve can be unlocked via game currency. You can choose any character as per your preference.

Aim assist

If you have played the game then you might know the reason behind the red eyesight. There are times in the game when your eyesight becomes red for a couple of seconds. This is because the game is assisting you in finding enemies. When you see the red sight and you shoot, you will hit the enemy. Consider this as an aim-assist. It is a visual clue to shoot the enemy although you have to aim yourself too. You cannot presume that you will get a headshot when the sights start to glow red.

Speed Boost

Free Fire also has vehicles for obvious reasons – travel quicker. But if I compare the vehicles of PUBG to the vehicles of Free Fire, Free Fire vehicles win by a big margin. The vehicles here are considerably faster as compared to PUBG. However, I would recommend using the vehicle only in the early stages of the game. The map shows the nearby vehicle which gives away your location to the enemies.

The motive of Free Fire is same as PUBG – to survive till the end. You may choose any kind of tactics to achieve this motive. You can get into combats like a knucklehead or keep crawling till the end like a cheeky cat. As long as you are the only surviving one, you are doing pretty good. I suggest using weapons and utilities according to your liking. If you are good at close range, go for shotguns. If you are a sniper king, look out for the scopes.

Do whatever you like to prevail in the game. Rest is upon your hands.

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