How to Choose the best battery for solar system energy?

Solar panels are not enough to use solar energy. Solar panels can work only in the day time and if you want solar energy in the night time you should have installed a solar battery with your solar energy system. Batteries will help you to store energy that you can consume when you need. 

Only using a battery for storage of energy is not a big deal. Main focus is that which type of battery you will use for your solar panel. Because you cannot use all produced energy at the day time so to keep save the extra energy you need a good battery. 

What are solar Batteries?

Solar batteries are the devices used to keep store solar energy and provide power when needed without any delay and disturbance. When you are using a solar system in a commercial area than your need for power can be changed when it is necessary. Under this case, if you need more power against your solar system production, at that time batteries helps to keep the power supply continue. 

So they are known as the heart of solar power system especially if you are using the off-grid solar system either in a commercial area or in the home. 

Different types of batteries;

While choosing a battery for your solar system it is necessary to know that what are the types of Batteries. The battery has three components Lead-acid, lithium-ion and salted water. By knowing about batteries you can analyze their performance towards the solar system and your requirement. These are three types of solar Batteries;

Lead Acid Battery:

Lead Acid Battery is the most popular and most used battery in our market. They are reusable but are less expensive. It is easy to handle and reliable. If your solar system is off-grid then this is a good option for you. While using this type of battery you just need to check water level regularly. If you do not check water level regularly then it can cause cell plate damage. That’s why it is also called “flooded Lead Acid Battery”. You no need for maintenance regularly for this type of Battery.

its drawback is that this battery emits gases that are harmful to human persons. That’s why you need to place them at the place where ventilation is available.

Lithium-ion Batteries:

Lithium-ion batteries are also in existence from so many years. But these days Lithium-ion batteries are gaining popularity in the renewable energy sector. The reason is that they have a good time span and are more reliable with high efficient power. These batteries are known as deeper discharge due to its high storage capacity. One more advantage is that these batteries do not emit gasses. They are cost-effective due to a longer lifetime. 

Lithium batteries are able to connect with all type of solar system either it is off-grid or grid-ties. You can use it in home, commercial and industrial areas. These batteries are efficient in all types.

Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries:

Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries are also very popular in commercial areas because they do not need regular maintenance as like any other battery. These batteries are sealed and have a self-contained system in it. In these batteries, there is nothing like refilling with water. They are especially designed to avoid self-discharge. 

They have two types one is Absorbent Glass mat (AGM) and second is Gel Battery. 

What factors you need to determine while choosing a solar Battery:

After reading all upper topics you have quite knowledge about what are the top and basic and commonly used batteries. Now you are going to purchase a solar battery for your solar system so, keep these factors in mind while purchasing a solar battery.

Capacity and Power ratio of Battery:

Capacity and power of the battery is an understandable factor. If your battery has a big capacity with less power than it means this battery will power only some appliances. But if you have a high power battery but with less capacity then it is sure you can use more appliance but for less time. 

So, choose a battery according to your power consumption and how long you need battery power.

Is it easy to install the solar Battery?

If you are a solar system expert or you have some experience of solar installation than it is quite easy to install. But if you are a new person dealing with the solar system it can be tricky for you. Choose the battery that you can install easily as an inexperienced person. Some companies provide a manual guide of installation, read the manual guide. By this, you can understand all the installation process.

Check Cost-effectiveness: 

Cost is an influencer in our decisions. Check battery types and companies that are providing the same type of products. Then analyze their prices and compare with your budget for the battery. Choose the best quality and best price solar battery in Pakistan instead of other batteries either they are costly or cheaper.

Check to charge time:

One factor is charging while choosing a battery for your solar energy. If you want maximum input from your solar panel then you should choose a battery with fast charging. For this purpose, Gel Batteries are more efficient instead of any other but they are costly. You should choose Lithium-ion Battery instead of Lead-acid Battery if you are choosing a traditional battery. 

The lithium-ion battery has a fast-charging capacity instead of Lead-acid and is 3x times fast charging. A fast-charging battery and good quality solar panels can give you maximum output. 

Depth of Discharge (DoD):

When you buy a battery Retailer tells you about its DOD and ask you some time not discharge it fully to keep it safe from the chemical reaction. They ask you to retain a specific amount of energy. It means they have less DoD. DoD tells that what is charging capacity of Battery.

If a Battery has a high value of DOD it means they have more capacity according to the percentage of DoD and vice versa. 

Round-Trip efficiency:

Round-Trip Efficiency is the amount of energy that you are getting back after charging. DOD tells who much energy you can get back form battery and this amount of energy is called Round-Trip Efficiency.

Let suppose, if you have stored 5kWh in your battery and getting 4kWh. This is 80% of the total energy you have stored in battery. Higher Round-Trip efficiency means you have a good battery. 


Warranty is the last but the important factor in choosing the right battery. Batteries are more expensive in the solar energy system that can create a problem for you if you have no warranty or have for only certain timespan. A good company provides a long time span of Battery warranty. Choose the battery with Warranty wisely.

Last Note:

There are so many batteries in the local market as well as online in Pakistan but you should choose wisely according to your requirements and price of solar battery. Do not choose a battery that will make you uneasy. You have read this article completely, so if you have some experience according to your battery purchasing either for home, solar water pump, irrigation or industrial kindly let our readers know in the comment section.