How to edit live videos like a pro

edit live videos like a pro

Sharing live videos is one of the most common practices today, both in the day-to-day of any person who shares their experiences and moments, as in the social media strategies of the companies.

Editing live video is the functionality that allows you to customize, in real-time, the audiovisual content that is generated to be able to share it in a much more enriched and complete way.

That is, adding a title, a descriptive subtitle, a logo, a phrase, music, input and output covers, etc. We will go from sharing a live broadcast that can generate questions or confusion to the audience, to a transmission that can give maximum information for the interest of that audience.

Features that professional live video editing tools must meet

To carry out an excellent edition of live video in the cloud it will be necessary, or at least recommended, that the technology we use meets a number of features or requirements, including:

  • Make it an¬†agile tool¬†that allows you to carry out the editing in the easiest and fastest way possible.
  • That it has an agile system of media deployment, allowing flexibility of connection from multiple locations.
  • That allows us creating¬†content with the camera¬†of mobile devices.
  • That has¬†editing features¬†that provide more quality to the content (the more we can customize the content, the more quickly we will reach our target audience).
  • The realization system must allow the¬†integration of several devices¬†(both mobile phones and professional cameras, simultaneously).
  • That allows¬†working remotely¬†(as long as we have a good internet connection).
  • Multitasking, that is, that multiple profiles can work within the same retransmission at the stage of realization of the live.
  • That the¬†video and audio mixing tool¬†be as complete as possible without requiring very technical knowledge of use.

Watchity, cloud platform to edit your live video

In the market, we can find various platforms or video editing tools, but they are usually specific only for this purpose.

Watchity, on the other hand, is much more complete because the same technology also allows the capture and distribution of content.

This platform allows you to edit live video in the cloud, without the need to use complementary tools and without having to scroll, simply using a web browser from anywhere.

This tool has a mixer that allows you to customize the broadcast by inserting logos, banners, and video ads.

Among the other options it offers, it should be noted that it allows you to cut clips of the received raw streams. Join them to other media library clips, add audio tracks, images, titles, subtitles, graphics, and transitions, among others.

It also allows you to adapt the format or create versions in different formats so that they adapt better to each social network or medium in which they will be shared.

The distribution through the different social channels is very simple with this Best Free Video Editing Software because you can share live videos simultaneously on a website, on Facebook Live, on Periscope / Twitter, and on YouTube Live.

Edit live videos from your tablet, PC or mobile device with Watchity

Being able to edit live video from any device to publish more personalized and elaborate videos is now possible.

Watchity’s real-time video editor allows, from a tablet, PC, or mobile device:

  • Please start a new video from scratch¬†or from a live stream or a video that we have in the media library.
  • Add as many clips¬†as necessary by accessing the media library.
  • Capture cuts of any gross or of the realization, without waiting for the end of the retransmission.
  • Add audio tracks, graphics, titles, subtitles, images, and transitions.
  • Perform¬†hot editing, that is, make clips of featured content during the live for immediate publication.
  • Add¬†video-on-demand¬†to the mix, that is, add the content created to the broadcast before starting the broadcast.
  • Add text and graphics¬†to replace audio in videos that are displayed in auto-play mode without sound.
  • Adapt the format¬†(vertical, landscape, or square) or create different versions of the video so that they adapt better to each social channel where we share it.
  • Customize the video¬†so that when it is published on social networks, it shows the brand or details that we want to highlight.
  • When the video is ready, it can be¬†shared with one click¬†on all social networks simultaneously.
  • That multiple users or profiles can work in the same edition of the broadcast.
  • It has a system that allows¬†multi-camera realization¬†in order to enhance information quality. Ideally, a person (moderator) or people will manage the incoming video and audio streams.
  • The¬†intercom¬†makes sense following the previous point. Watchity, through the intercom, allows communication between the displaced content capture team and the moderator, to be constant and fluid.

As in live production, the realization system (who receives all the incoming video stream), allows the same agility of deployment as image capture. This is possible through a centralized work system. That is, the displaced team is only the one that captures the content, but the management is always done from a remote point with an internet connection, not in the displaced place.

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