Insight to the new PUBG update

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds raised a huge storm in the gaming world in 2017. This one of a kind game made people familiar with their survival instincts. Bluehole Studio Inc., PUBG Corporation, and Tencent Games developed the game and made us fall in love with it. Arguably, PUBG is the best game on the planet right now.

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More and more people are getting involved with the game. Why won’t they be? PUBG gives a feeling of sheer pleasure to the players. The best thing about the game is its concept. We have all played puzzle, arcade, racing, shooting, action games and what not. But battle royale is something we could never think about. Being the best in the gaming industry was never so simple, but PUBG made it look like a piece of cake. The fame is so huge that they even had to release a game for smartphones. We enough, it received the same amount of love which was expected.

Enough with the bro-mance with Playerunknowns Battlegrounds, let’s dash towards the main aim of the article.

On 10th June 2018, the developers gave away a trailer for PUBG. This trailer instantly became an instant hit spreading like a wildfire. You might’ve already seen the trailer but let me tell you more about it. The 2-minute short trailer has so many new things to offer the PUBG world.

Here is what we saw

New utility for cover

The trailer included a 5-second glimpse of a ballistic shield which will be available in the war mode as of now. This shield is designed for quick-cover and close-combat attacks. The ballistic shield can be simultaneously used with SMGs, nades, sidearms, and melee weapons.

A new map   

It debuted a new map called “Sanhok” which is considerably smaller than Erangel and Miramar. It is a 4×4 map which makes the battles shorter, and faster. The map is set to release in summer.

War Mode

Erangel had a war map but it is coming back in the game. But this time, it will be in Miramar. The new war mode will consist of 10 five-player squads and will be called “Desert Knights.” Players will respawn when they die and the team to grab the 200 points marker will win the match.

Snow Environment

The snow map in the trailer has created a spark in our heart. But it is yet to be clear if it is a new map or just an environment. The footprints can be tracked easily in this environment and we love the concept. It is said to release in winter 2018.

The extra

The trailer did not have night mode in it, but I researched and got a hold of it being official. It will obviously raise the difficulty bar for the game. I just hope that developers hand out some equipment to help us with the visibility in this mode.

With that being said, it is safe to say that the PUBG fever will not simmer down soon.

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