Latest Trends in Mobile App

Latest Trends in Mobile App Development

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What is the year, we are traveling now? 2019. If December comes, we will be almost stepping into the next decade. And in between the last half a decade, mobile applications have reached new heights. And with the emergence of new technologies such as blockchain, virtual reality, and cloud, mobile applications are surging forward with time. In this article, the focus is on trends in mobile app development.Do you feel it is possible to live one day devoid of the device called mobile phone? A day, perhaps? It is impossible. With 5G around the corner, a survey states around five billion people are the owners of different types of smartphones. The number has increased by four percent from the past year. The main reason for the majority of a problem owning smart mobile is the need to capitalize on completing the daily tasks in quick time. Payment of bills and booking tickets. Read the article at a single stretch to know about the trends in mobile app development.

A. Trends in Mobile App Development – Cloud Technology

Even today, many companies use the old servers for their infrastructure. As per the recent trend, usage of local servers is very slow and outdated. It is the cloud technology that has gained prominence with large corporations. The reason, you can run many businesses with numerous servers at the same time. The other benefits of using cloud technology are  The cost of hosting is very low. It also offers tools so that many teams can work on a single project at the same time.
With the internal server, you can find challenges in uploading many documents. But in the cloud, it is possible to upload multiple documents and also automate
operations. The cloud technology does allow any type of hacking to the documents. It can solve simple security problems. And yes, the apps need minimum space, work in a reliable and fast way.Companies are switching over to cloud technology, and this trend will continue to the next year. And the design of apps will also change. They will be designed to be
more fast, sleek and powerful.

B. Trends in Mobile App Development – Augmented
Reality/Virtual Reality

Yes, the hype is for virtual reality and augmented reality. When it comes to augmented reality, the technology adds the fantasy experience to the original via a device. Virtual reality, on the other hand, can take you to a different environment. The VR/AR technology achieved prominence in the gaming world. Now, they are stepping out to even the business environment. We can expect to see more apps with AR and VR in 2019-2020 and more creative uses

for the technologies. For example, social media platforms are using AR filters that can turn human faces and other images into digital characters, allowing companies to market their products to younger audiences.How will the mobile app development happen? Let us imagine, you are a person who has a reputed company specializing in carpenter services and online mobile repair in Bangalore. You are also a vendor to an organization that offers doorstep services in the city.

Plus, you also own a furniture store. Your company has an app, by which a consumer can check the selected furniture with his home layout. The technology used is mobile app development. In education, students can gain access to an archaeological site via an app. For example, Google Expedition. Now, imagine what virtual reality apps can do. They are revolutionizing the retail industry with visual fitting rooms. It is the customer who will benefit a lot from these technologies.

C. Trends in Mobile App Development – Mobile Wallets 

There was a time when seniors did not prefer online payments. But the mobile wallets have brought about a considerable change. Even the seniors find the option very secure. In the future, payment by apps will reach nearly 500 billion dollars at the end of 2020 as per a survey. The banks have also jumped onto the bandwagon by offering mobile services. So, the money sent via mobile apps is more. In the future, money may get transferred by the cryptocurrency option. In the future, it will be online payment via the mobile and smart
watches devoid of credit card or debit cards.
D. Trends in Mobile App Development – Blockchain

This new technology makes use of decentralized ledgers. Name blockchain, and anyone can visualize about safe transfer of data to any part of the world. When it comes to the cryptocurrency world, it is blockchain which is serving as the backbone.  And the fees are also affordable. At present, this technology makes use of decentralized apps. Please note, that the apps get designed and there is no owner for these apps. The main reason for these apps is the use of smart contracts. In the future, more apps will use blockchain technology.The apps will easily draw the data as per your request. But on your mobile, it will occupy less space. 

E. Trends in Mobile App Development – Marketing

Have you ever read the description of a new company? If you look at their social media platforms, you can get to know about the number of mobile app downloads since the initial stage. These days, even MNCs such as Walmart, Amazon are using apps to bring about brand awareness and user engagement.

F. Trends in Mobile App Development – Rise of IoT

Do you keep track of the recent trend in technology? Then you must know home
automation and internet of things are favorite topics. The number of automated homes is expected to reach 20 million by the middle of 2020. And the internet of things or connection among home appliances will happen by mobile or another home system device such as Google Home. Please note, all the electronic appliances get connected via a common server through the cloud. And every smart appliance will do the bidding as per your request. But the command has to come via the app or through voice.

G. Trends in Mobile App Development – Types of Apps

Have you ever heard about Evernote? You can use this app for organizing your work activity. You will find the tasks very easy to manage. Some apps work only for messages such as the Facebook Messenger app. Both the apps are set to undergo various changes with features in the future.

H. Trends in Mobile App Development – Instant Apps

Yes, you want to have the best apps on the mobile, but imagine the time taken for
download. So, the next wave of new apps has begun. Instant apps. They are the ones for the future with fast downloading experience and good experiences.

I. Trends in Mobile App Development – Security

The hackers have targeted and succeeded in gaining access to Facebook, Uber and other companies. So, the major focus of mobile apps will be on security. 

Final Words

The words in the above paragraphs described the trends in mobile app development. But only a few have made the list. There are many more, which we shall discuss with the future articles.