Netgear WiFi Extender Setup: Protect your WiFi from Intruders

When it comes to the protection of network, everybody gets worried because WiFi is the main access point that intruders can easily enter. It is an open opportunity for hackers to trespass your WiFi because you haven’t applied any security to it. So in that case, we have to be much particular about our security because it is not just limited to our networking system, but the secure system comes to the security of your home, your family members too. Netgear WiFi extender Setup helps you in getting out of this situation right away.

WiFi is the essential element to protect your home security system on which you can leave the responsibility of your children, family members, etc. and if your WiFi is not protected, how can you secure your home. In this situation, we would like to suggest you that there is nothing to get worried about and just focus on how to get rid of it.

What you can do to secure your system

  • Create an easy but strong network name and password, easy doesn’t mean to invite intruders to easily hack your system. It means a security that you can easily remember. Either you can make a sticky note or keep it safe anywhere. If possible, do not share such things with anyone because it might leak your identity.
  • Always take care of the physical security. If someone hits the factory reset button on your device, all the security settings you have applied will restore and it will be an invitation to intruders to hack your network. It is essential to apply AP network name and be physically connected all the time even if anyone hits the reset button by mistake.
  • Avoid adding unofficial AP to your network. What happens sometimes that your family members or employees keep on adding your network to their devices. This could be worst, a lot worst, because you can’t even notice when intruders have the access on your network.
  • All above, you can ask an IT professional to put a firewall or an antivirus to protect your network.

Configure your devices: Netgear Genie Setup

Netgear Genie setup is a safe and secure way to make your Netgear WiFi Extender Setup easy with all your devices. Genie app can easily monitor your entire system and even control your WiFi security. What can you do to make your setup easy is just follow the below points.

  • Make a use of a well and good Ethernet cable for setup. Do not use the cable if is quite old or have cuts in it.
  • Connect your computer or laptop to your ranger extender via Ethernet cable. You have to introduce your router and extender with each other. So bring them much closer.
  • Now, plug them all into a good power supply wall socket and avoid fluctuation.
  • After that, you have to wait for the LEDs on your devices to turn solid green. If they are blinking, wait until they get stable.
  • Now grab your computer. You can also use your laptop and open a web browser of your choice.
  • In the address bar of the web browser, type mywifiext to enter Netgear Genie setup
  • Before that, you have to enter the default details to log in. You can either find it on the manual steps or you might have them from your Internet Service Provider. If not, contact him as soon as possible because without these details, it is impossible for you to enter setup page and make your configuration possible.
  • Once you have filled all the required fields and enter the setup page, just follow all the positive responses and at last, click finish to complete the installation.

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