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Seekit Loop: An advanced Bluetooth tracker that Makes Finding Your Keys Easy

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You swear on your memory that you left the keys right there on the counter but now, they are nowhere to be found. Also, if misplacing valuables has become an everyday nuisance for you and you repeatedly keep asking yourself about what was the last location of your lost valuable, then we think we can introduce you with the right product to make your life easier. 

Here’s Panasonic Seekit Loop, a key finding bluetooth device that works to your maximum advantage and plays a pivotal role in helping you find your keys, pets, speakers and other valuables. 

The manner in which the Seekit Loop performs

To make certain the tracker works perfectly at all times, you need to pair it to the Seekit app. This is available on both iOS as well as Android. The app is seamless to use and comes with an easy user interface and a neatly laid out menu. Once you pair the device to the app, you find a map on the app which offers you a detailed glimpse of where the tracker is. If you cannot seem to find it for some reason, you also have the option to buzz it so you can hear where it is.

The cool features that help make the search process easier

The device comes with a Last Seen Location feature which gives you an idea of where you last left your belonging. This ensures you do not need to retrace your steps, in case you miss out an alert from the Separation Indicator feature, which quickly alerts about your valuable as soon as you move away from it. Then there is the Proximity Guidance feature that gives you a hint when you move closer to your misplaced or lost keys and other belongings, through the help of Panasonic Seekit App. Besides this, it also comes with Crowd GPS that utilizes the Seekit community of app users to track a stolen item. 

The overall design of the Seekit Loop

The Seekit Loop is made from high quality plastic and comes with a soft touch and feel to it. The tracker comes with a multifunction button that simplifies the process of turning the device on and off. It carries a CR1632 cell which lasts for around 12 months or so. The device is oval in shape which ensures you can effortlessly hook it onto keys. This makes it easy to carry around no matter where you go. It possesses an IP65 rating and is waterproof in nature. 

How you can make use of the multifunction button

The multifunction button on the tracker comes with multipurpose benefits. You can use this button to send out SOS alerts in case you are in any danger, click picture perfect selfies or even locate your phone if for some reason you can’t seem to find it. You can configure these features from the app itself. 

Not being able to find something can be a minor setback to happiness but it has the potential that can make you crazy. So the next time you lose your keys again or reach for your pocket and get an annoying feeling in the pit of your stomach that you can’t seem to find your keys no matter where you look, calm down and don’t go berserk. The Seekit Loop, an intelligent tracking device for keys is sure to help you bring down your panic and make your search operations uncomplicated in the nick of a time.