Step-By-Step Guide for Importing PST files into Office 365

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Since Office 365 offers large email limits, it is good to move all email and messages from Outlook to O365 account. This will help you to access your email and messages from anywhere at any time. I have observed that many users are asking how to import PST to Office 365 user account. In this post, we will be discussing why should anyone switch to the cloud platform. Furthermore, you will learn how to Upload PST to Microsoft Office 365 by manual and automated techniques.

Why Switch to Office 365?

Today numerous organizations continue using outdated technology, and there are various explanations behind that. They assume that their present stages are sufficient, and the staff is currently comfortable with the work style. Furthermore, the most essential reason is moving every one of the data over to the new platform may be a difficult task. In other cases, employees who are using the latest technology are more innovative, gainful and fulfilled at work. So if your business hasn’t changed to a cloud benefit, do it now. For small organizations, it’s critical to concentrate on business efficiency. By utilizing Microsoft Office 365, you can accomplish this objective with a well-known Microsoft experience and great features at very low cost.

Methods for Importing PST Files into Office 365

If any user wants to migrate PST file to Office 365 manually, then there are two manual ways that anyone can follow.       

  1. Network Upload
  2. Drive Shipping
  1. Through Network Upload

In this method, a user can or administrator can upload the PST files over the network, After that, all the PST files are been stored to Office 365 using Office 365 Import PST Service.

Note: A user needs to download and install Azure AzCopy tool that allows copying PST file to Office 365.

  1. Through Drive Shipping

A user copy and store the PST file to any storage device might be an external hard drive. Then migrate the data from that hard drive to Microsoft. After that, the PST file data is uploaded to a temporary Azure Storage point.

Now, the user can import the Outlook data to Office 365 using Import Service.

Steps to Migrate PST file to Office using Network Upload

Step 1: Copy SAS URL and Install Azure AzCopy Tool

  • Open link and sign in using Office 365 admin credentials
  • In Security & Compliance Centre, click Data governance >> Import
  • On Import Page, click on + New Import job
  • Enter a name to the PST import job and click Next
  • Then On the Do, you want to upload or ship data? display, click Upload your data and click on Next
  • Then on the Import data page, click Show network upload SAS URL, click Copy to clipboard, paste and then save the data into a file
  • Download Azure AzCopy and install the tool

Step 2: Upload PST file to Office 365

  • Open the command prompt on the desktop
  • Open the directory where the Azure AzCopy.exe tool is installed
  • Run the below command:

AzCopy.exe /Source:<Location of PST files> /Dest:<SAS URL> /V:<Log file location> /Y

(Optional) Step 3: View the list of PST files uploaded

  • To start with, download and install the Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer tool
  • Initialize Azure Storage Explorer tool >> right click Storage Accounts >> Connect to Azure Storage
  • Click Use a shared access signature (SAS) URI or connection string >> click on Next.
  • Click Use a SAS URI option and paste SAS URL >> click Next
  • On the Connection summary page, click Connect >> Storage Accounts >> (SAS-Attached Services) >> Blob Containers
  • When you are finished using Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer tool >>  right-click ingestion data >> then click Detach button

Step 4: Create a PST Import Mapping File

  • Download a copy of PST Import mapping file or CSV file
  • Then, fill the CSV file with the required data.

Step 5: Create PST Import job in Office 365

  • Open Import Data Page and adjust the settings as shown in the image

  • Click on Next Button >> Upload CSV file >> Select mapping file option
  • Click On Finish button, a new job is listed

    to Import PST data to Exchange Online screen

  • Click on Refresh & update the status, if the analysis and status is changed to analysis is completed


Utilizing the above manual methodology, a user can execute the import process from an Outlook PST file into O365. Sometimes, the process gets fail due to a large number of PST files. Additionally, because of the long steps, it takes more time to perform it. Consequently, it is advised to utilize Office 365 Import Software. It offers to migrate multiple PST files to Office 365 of both user and admin accounts. This professional utility is secure and easy to perform the import process in a short period of time.

Working of Office 365 Import Tool

  • Download and install Office 365 Import Software and launch it
  • Check in Office 365 Admin and enter the credentials for the admin account
  • Upload PST file via Add folder/ Add CSV option and click on Open
  • Provide the email address of the all PST files and click on Next
  • Advanced Filters can be used for Mails, Calendars
  • Check Include folders as required
  • Check-in Incremental Import, this will start the import process
  • Check Exclude Deleted Items and Sent items and click on Import
  • It will start the import process, a report will be generated after successful completion


This article concentrates on the different ways to deal with import PST to Office 365 cloud. Despite the fact that the manual process is time taking and some of the time may fail to give the ideal result. Hence it is advised to use the Office 365 Import Application by following the above steps. It allows migrating complete PST data to Office 365 account in a hassle-free manner. It also provides customized filters and includes folder option to move the particular folder. Apart from this, it all supports all Microsoft Outlook Versions