The Importance of Video Tags and Descriptions

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If you are a social media influencer or a social media addict, you know how this platform works. Whenever you create any new content and publish it on your channel, you leave the content in the hands of the audiences or your legit subscribers. You cannot expect that everybody will appreciate your content. There will be appraisals as well as loads of flak.

YouTube and Facebook are the two largest social media platforms where you can become popular and connect to a lot of audiences at once. YouTube was one of the leading social media platforms for decades where hours of videos were streamed daily. Since the advancement of Facebook, YouTube gained a backseat for sure but it is trying to compete with Facebook and just a little lagging behind.

YouTube and Facebook

All the latest content first uploaded on YouTube and then later on it is shared on other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With the advancement of technology, you do not need to upload the same video twice on both the platforms. You can use a YouTube to Facebook converter which will help you to reach both the YouTube as well as the Facebook audiences. You can get this converter service for free on any of the online portals.

You have to just upload the upload the address link of your YouTube video on the online company’s webpage from which you are availing the service. As you upload the link, within a few seconds you will get a new link of the converted video. Paste that new link on your Facebook timeline and request your followers and friends to share as much as they can.

Make sure along with converting the video, you also generate a separate thumbnail for Facebook before uploading the content. You can get this service online by using the tool of YouTube to Facebook thumbnail generator. This generator will help you capture an original image from the video of yours and set it as a thumbnail for Facebook by following Facebook’s guidelines. If you want, you can also use a customised thumbnail for Facebook but make sure it is clear and matches the required pixels criteria of Facebook. The thumbnail is the first thing that your audience will view. So, ensure that it is unconventional, attractive and large in size.

Other than a thumbnail, there are also a few other things that you need to keep in mind while uploading content. Your title is the first thing. Make sure the title matches the content of the video so that your audience remains satisfied and looks for more content from your end. Now, the title has a limited space so to give an elaborate idea about your video, frame a good description and include video tags. The description will give a detailed idea about your content to your audience which will help them to relate. And, video tags are necessary so that people can easily trace your video while looking for contents related to a particular tag.

Do not forget to attach the links of your profiles present in other social networking sites in the description box so that you can communicate to your fans from all the portals!

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