Use the Social Media Platforms Prudently To Drive Targeted Traffic from Other Sites to Yours

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There are millions of users hooked on to the different social media platforms at any given point but you may still wonder why you have such a low organic traffic. This is because they are hooked on to all sites but yours. Why? It is because you are not being able to drive traffic from other sites to yours.

Now you may be wondering how on earth you can to drive traffic from other sites to yours. This is a great question but has a very simple answer: simply make things more attracting and engaging. Whether you use Instagram, Facebook or any other channel, it is certainly a worthwhile approach to make your posts appealing to achieve your goal of getting most from your account.

Follow a strategy

For this you need to have a proper strategy to get more followers from your profile to your website to have an increased traffic and an opportunity to get more leads, tap the influencers to help you grow your online presence.

The secret to generate traffic successfully from other site typically depends on just two words: amazing content. You will not only need the right content but will also have to make sure that it is an amazing copy full of mazing ideas, lots of information that are unknown to the viewers and its exciting and compelling. If one or all of these are missing then you will never get the desired social media traffic whether it is from Instagram or other.

Moreover, Instagram being an essentially visual platform you will have to make sure that your content is not only rich in text but is also visually appealing. This will enable you to get connected with the followers for Instagram to convey the message regarding your brand, product or services and make them potentially become a paying customer.

If you are short of content ideas to make your post appealing then there is nothing to worry as there are tons of great content ideas you will get on the internet. You can also get useful, catchy and inspiring quotes that will appeal to your audience whether it is on Instagram or any other platform and at the same time engage them in a conversation.

  • If you are into ecommerce, your goal ideally should be to write content that will engage your audience more rather than use it simply to promote your products.
  • If you are an athletic retailer it will be better for you to use photos that focus on the way they products can be enjoyed rather than posting the photos of the products alone. It will elicit a better visual experience.
  • If you are into selling services or software, or you are a publisher or a media company you can have more varied content options. For this you can include lifestyle photos, quotes, videos, and several other things along with your text to make it more appealing and engaging.

Sometimes, using a mix of fun and interestin your content can trigger a conversation with theaudience more easily.

Proven traffic enhancing tips

When you have a large number of traffic to your social media sites or thousands of followers on Instagram it not only sounds great considering your pleasure quotient or business purpose but it also gives a proper validation of what you have to offer to the public.

Unfortunate as it may seem, building a loyal following is just the first step because you will have to keep on adding to that number. The best way to do is follow the tips and tactics that will drive traffic from other sites to yours.

  • Use the lead offers of different sites even if it is Instagram which is a bit harder from other sites but it is not outright impossible. For this, you will need to have a gated piece of content and make sure that people can only reach out for it only if they subscribe to your email list.
  • Next up, create a landing page to share that gated piece of content but make sure that this landing page is mobile friendly so that you can tap the followers on Instagram.
  • Finally, share your post to promote your content and ask people to visit the landing so that they can access it.

If you have targeted Instagram make sure that you change the link in your bio to the URL of the landing page. You can also use the Linkin.biotool for this and ensure that when a viewer clicks on the link in the bio, they find your offers easily.

Also make sure that you use shortened URL and also add a few UTM parameters. This will help you to track the number of clicks received by your link using Google Analytics. Apart from these you must make sure of a few other things such as:

  • Make sure that the image is related to the main offer
  • Make sure that it works on a free email challenge
  • Make sure that the copy is long and detailed
  • Make sure that you clearly explainthe benefits
  • Make sure that there is a calltoaction to check out the link in the bio

It is also required that you create focused lead offers such as course, free e-book, or video. These will help you to deliver contents that are more relevant to increase traffic as well as your marketing efficiency if you use it for your business promotion purpose.

Use the Shoppable Post Feature of Instagram as it will lure in more traffic who are interested more in shopping products directly from Instagram posts. The Shoppable Instagram posts will effectively reduce the distance between the points of discovery and purchase thereby making it easier for the visitor to buy directly from thefeeds. All these will ask for a very small investment from your end.

Remember, achieving social success to ensure you have a sizable community around is not easy. It needs emphasis on strategic points and immaculate planning.

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