Some Common Reasons Why your Mobile Phones Battery is Draining Fast

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Everyone rechecks the presence of all the essentials when buying a smartphone like a processor, camera, good sound, and most importantly long-lasting battery life! Though mobile phones have come a long way in recent years in terms of almost everything, including battery life, they can still drain very fast for a number of reasons. However, large display size, multiple sensors and a higher version of processors take a toll on your phone’s battery life; the permanent solution to which still seems far.

Mobile repair become the only solution to such a challenge as batteries that drain too fast are beyond frustrating, especially when you are out of the house and in need of it; it feels like you charged your phone for hours only to know it is about to die in half the time. But, have you ever wondered about the reasons why your mobile phone is battery draining so fast?

Here are some of the very common reasons for a mobile phone battery draining quickly:

  1. High-display Brightness

Screen brightness is one of the most obvious causes of a fast-draining phone battery. A mobile phone display grubs up more battery than any other individual component of a device, as it is the only way the interaction with a phone can happen. As smartphones are getting bigger with support for the high-resolution rate of displays, the display panel resolution and its size have become the most important factor for draining the battery life further.

For saving your phone’s battery from being drained, the screen brightness can be adjusted to its minimum level or the option for automatic brightness can be enabled. If you do this, it will determine the bright screen automatically as per your surroundings and it will get adjusted according to the brightness. The time that is gone into sleep mode the screen of your mobile when left idle, also needs to be reduced. This will reduce the battery wastage of your mobile device.

It may seem convenient to have your brightness on max when you’re outside, but this has a huge effect on the mobile’s battery. Try to keep your screen brightness to a lower level to save that extra bit of battery life.

However, a dimmer screen is not always convenient, especially if you have impaired eyesight. One alternative to this switches your frequently used apps’ display to dark mode, as well as your phone’s general display if you have these options in your settings. This does not darken your phone screen drastically but switches your phone’s white display and app backgrounds to black.

  1. The battery-eating Vibration

Vibration takes more battery power than the ringtone. It absorbs a good amount of battery power. Opting for its alternatives can boost your smartphone’s battery life immensely.

  1. Ignoring the Auto-sync

Apps such as Gmail, Twitter, WhatsApp, or other Google Accessories auto-sync the storage data to constantly refresh to offer the latest updates. But in this process, even more back-end work goes on in your mobile phone, and even more does it take your battery.

  1. Apps running in the background

Background apps such as VPN, anti-virus, health, calendar apps, etc, essentially function even when you are not directly using them. These apps monitor and control certain aspects of your phone without your intervention and it drains your battery significantly.


An Internet Connection running 24/7

Keeping your Wi-Fi or mobile data activated at all hours, throughout the day and night can appear to be convenient for your day-to-day activities, but this can considerably drain your phone battery. As you constantly get notifications, background updates, and more when you actually do not necessarily need them, it is actually draining your battery.


A deteriorated Phone Battery

Sometimes it’s not the app or a setting that affects your phone’s battery life but the mobile’s battery itself. As phones get old, your battery will no longer be able to achieve the maximum capacity that it used to do at its inception. This can also lead to a fast battery draining.


Is your Location always on

A number of apps track your location such as Google Maps, Uber, retail apps, etc. You might think these apps solely track your location when you directly use them; however, this is not always the case. This constant location monitoring requires a lot of energy and can take a huge toll on your phone’s battery life.

Never-ending Notifications

When you are installing a new app on your mobile, there are chances that its notification settings will get activated automatically. If you do not necessarily need to receive such notifications, it can have a damaging effect on the length of your phone’s battery life. Try to deactivate notifications for certain apps to help mitigate the battery loss.

These are the common reasons why your phone battery is draining so fast. Instead of looking for a mobile repair for these issues around your city, contact Buzzmeeh, the one-stop solution to all problems related to your mobile phones that will serve you at your doorstep. What better to get an affordable mobile repair done at your doorstep!

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