iPhone X – The Review

iphone x

I have used every single variant of iPhone and have seen rapid enhancement in every single one. The launch of iPhone X took the apple generation to the next step. The new device is simple ‘Incredible.’ It has surpassed all of its predecessors by a huge margin. I want to quote that each model is an iteration on the last and every new launch offers many improvements.

iPhone X is more than iterative—it’s a massive leap forward.

iPhone X has been said to be the best, most accessible iPhone till date. From the look to the features, it truly holds a touch of future. iPhone X is an absolute delight to the eyes. 

Apple boasts iPhone X to be the future of smartphones and honestly speaking, I feel that it truly is. It has so many bits and upgrades which make it stand out from the rest of the hoard. Using iPhone X is a whole new experience because of its next-gen features. We have lived our lives around phones and seen the smartphones take over the world. iPhone X is here to do something similar. It dons some of the coolest and ever seen before features which set it apart from the rest. It has wireless charging, new form factor, Face ID and more. These are the bleeding-edge technologies which are compelling enough to make iPhone X the most accessible iPhone Apple’s ever made.

Wireless Charging

This feature is one of my favourites. It feels incredible not having to plug in a cable to charge. All I have to do is put my phone down, and it starts to charge. I don’t have to look for a spot to power up my iPhone because of this feature. 

Just like EarPods beats the plugging in, wireless charging is a lifesaver. It also eradicated the possibility of ruining the charging jack because you won’t have to shove the cable in it every day. 

Face ID

Apple’s new facial recognition system is the best security any user can get. Long gone are the days when we had to make pattern and input passcode to unlock the device. Face ID makes the phone readily accessible with just a look. This feature will recognize your face from every angle which means you unlock it by looking into the phone. However, of course, the passcodes are available too in case you decide to take off your makeup.

Size & Weight

There’s no denying of the fact that iPhone X is a beast physically and not easily pocketable. But just because it is arguably bigger than the older devices, doesn’t mean it’s bad. It is kind of logic to make a big phone if you are including an infinite screen. What’s the point of having an infinite screen if the phone is small?

iPhone X feels like regular iPhone and can be easily used. But if you have tiny, baby-like hands, I would recommend using a previous version like iPhone 6. 

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