Top Smart Phones to buy in 2019 for Gaming Gurus

best phones for gaming

We look forward to an incredible lot of smart gaming phones to pop up in 2019. Mobile gaming has been rising in the past few years, mainly because everyone owns a smartphone these days. This trend has led tech companies to launch hardware that is tailored to provide first class mobile gaming experience. Their variety allows gaming gurus to select from a wide spectrum of products. However, apart from hardware selection, there are numerous other factors to consider when choosing a smartphone this year.

If you are serious about enhancing your experience and touching the apex of gaming technology, you need to evaluate the market carefully for better selection. It is important to find a phone that will maintain the best visuals and operation. It must have top-tier specs, sharp display, and long battery life so that it can sustain peak performance during extended playing sessions.

Below we have rounded up the best phones for gaming in the market for 2019:

Razer Phone 2

Razer is doing an exceptional job when it comes to gaming. It has brought some interesting concepts on the table that make it worth investing. As compared to normal smartphones, it has a brighter screen and louder speakers. Plus, it holds the potential to push the frame rates on demanding games. It has a resolution of 1,440 x 2,560 pixels, and the 5.7-inch display is quite sharp at 513 pixels per inch. The display supports a refresh rate of 120 Hz that does not let you miss any action. 

Some other features of this phone include the IP67 water resistance, customizable Chroma logo at the back and wireless charging which makes it the best gaming phone for most users. Nonetheless, some complicated issues tag along, such as the price. It costs $700 and isn’t available on contract through the carrier.

iPhone XS

If you’re an iPhone lover and a gaming enthusiast, you must always pick Apple’s latest and greatest phone. The amazing screen resolution, super-fast performance, and the huge iOS app store make it all the more tempting. The XS follows the same basic rules as the X model but upgrades the internal capabilities. For instance, the new A12 Bionic processor is the most powerful processor seen till date. Perhaps, the most important change is the inclusion of Super Retina OLED technology that gives a clear, beautiful and colorful picture in every app. The size is just perfect, allowing gamers to hold it for a prolonged period. Not only that, but there is extra RAM space and 512 GB storage option so you can document your non-gaming exploits in large amounts.

Some drawbacks associated with this phone include its high price and quick depleting battery. The 2,658mAh normally lasts for a day, but if used for long gaming sessions it will rapidly lose power. The recharging process is also slower as compared to other phones. Moreover, the phone is extremely expensive. It starts at $999 making it beyond the budget of many prospective consumers. All these downsides convince some gamers to go for an iPhone X or choose another brand altogether.


When Razer made an entrance into the market with its state-of-the-art gaming capabilities, ASUS was quick to put forward their flashy new gaming phone. It belongs to their Republic of Gamers brand that specializes in gaming products. The exterior design is bold with an RGB logo at the back, and the internal features aren’t any less either. It comes with a Snapdragon 845 processor, 8GB RAM and 128 GB storage space. Some features that are unique in this model include ultrasonic shoulder trigger inputs, relocated USB-C and 3.5mm port designed especially for charging while playing. 

When searched on the review forums like AirG reviews, we find that some elements make people drop off the idea of purchasing this phone. The most highlighted of these is the hefty price tag. The $900 tag is enough to make a person look for an alternate phone with fewer features. Also, a ROG phone works better if you buy some of its accessories such as the TwinView Dock and the Desktop Dock. Hence overall, it is an expensive purchase.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Gamers mainly decide a phone based on its performance, hardware, battery life, and display. This latest model of Samsung fulfills all these requirements strikingly. The top-notch specs combined with leading design and equally compatible hardware make this model stand out in the market. Also, this device is backed up by Exynos CPU and Snapdragon processor.  Some other features that make it an apt choice for gaming gurus are its front-facing speakers, water resistance processor, microSD card slot and wireless charging. The 6GB RAM and AMOLED display is a gorgeous addition. 

Despite all upgrades and flexibilities, this model has certain downsides as well. For example, the sound placement and the bass are just average. The battery life starts to drain down slowly if the phone operates for gaming purpose only. Lastly, the starting price is $840 which is beyond the affordability of many gaming geeks.

All these phones are anticipated to hit top charts in 2019.  The Razor Phone 2 is cheaper as compared to others in the market, but if you are looking for a phone in much lower margins, there are other options too. We can find excellent devices launched by Samsung, ASUS and Honor Play. Each manufacturer is working hard to deliver devices with outstanding specs for gaming along with everything else one wants from a smartphone.

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