Java Vs. Kotlin: Which One Will Be the Best in 2019?

kotlin vs java

Java Vs. Kotlin

When it comes to Android application development, which programming language clicks your mind? There is no doubt that the first thing you will think about is Java. Many applications have been developed successfully with the use of the Java programming language. 

Many developers around the world who are still considering using Kotlin for application development. Kotlin announced its arrival in Google I/O around two years back and has exclusively cemented its place in the market of android application development. 

Here in this article, we will be taking a deeper look into both the programming languages and asses which can rule the roof in the year 2019.

Let’s start with Kotlin first:


It is an open-source and one of the newest statically typed programming languages taken into consideration for the application development needs. This language will run without any kind of issue while being used in Java Virtual Machine. JetBrains developed this language and it received official support from Google. 

According to a recent study, it has been acknowledged that Kotlin is one of the top trends in the technology world. So, when you are confused with the use of Kotlin or Java, it is important that you understand the pros and cons of both the programming language. Kotlin has been taken into consideration by Atlassian, Pivotal, Evernote, Pinterest, and Uber for their business needs. 

Around 25 percent of the top applications in 2018 is developed using Kotlin language. Not only this, around 40 percent of the new applications installed holds Kotlin language and this shows how well it is dominating in this competitive industry and has become one of the best to be used. 

Why Kotlin

Enhanced Efficiency

With Kotlin, you get way more efficiency and effectiveness as it helps you with an intuitive and concise syntax. So, the developers will get the desired result by drafting fewer code lines and eventually the time take will be even lesser. So, you will have your application developed with complete efficiency in the quickest possible time with Kotlin. 


From Kotlin, Java methods can be connected and that too in easy terms. This proves to be beneficial for developers as they do not have to deal with huge java codebase anymore for their application development needs. 

Ease To Manage

For Android developers, Kotlin is certainly a blessing in disguise, because not only it saves a lot of time but is also very easy to maintain. The huge support of IDEs with the inclusion of Android studio and many more makes a job a lot easier for developers to maintain it without any kind of fuss. And most importantly the developers will be able to operate with any kind of toolkit without having to think twice about it. 


The latest update of Kotlin is completely compatible with the older versions and this removes a lot of headaches for the developers as they do not have to deal with the pain of changes with different versions. 

Easy to Understand

One will be able to understand Kotlin programming language without any kind of hassle at all. When compared with Java, it is way easier to learn and doesn’t need one to have any sort of understanding of mobile application development. 

Excellent Support

With Kotlin, you will be getting exceptional support services with the help of  Android studio. From adaptation tools to responsive support services, you will have it ease. This will allow developers to carry on with their work without any kind of stoppage. 


Compilation Speed

There have been instances where developers have complained about the compiling speed fluctuations of Kotlin codes. In many cases you, the speed can be fast, but there have been instances where it has been quite slow!

Low Community Support

The developer community of Kotlin is not quite big so, these resources are limited to help you avail the support you are looking for any kind of doubts and queries. 

Not Many Developers

Kotlin developers are not quite big in numbers. They are very much limited but it is growing quick as per the needs of android application development needs!


When it comes to application development, Java has always been the best of all programming languages. This language has a basic feature of being an object-oriented programming language. There is a lot more to this language and few of them are mentioned below, take a look:


Java programming language can run on any kind of devices and this is because of Java virtual machine. This is the reason why a huge number of Android applications are developed with the use of the Java language.


When it comes to the java programming language, it is not just restricted to Android application development. This language completely supports cross-platform development of applications which is a big benefit to have!

Bigger Community

Whatever be the issue or problem you face while developing, you will always be assisted right away as the number of support communities is quite big. 


Android was developed by Java, so all the SDKs and libraries are there in the stock which can be taken into usage anytime during your development needs.


Type-Heavy Language

With Java, you will need to draft long codes which will exclusively take more time resulting in more errors and issues. 

Speed Issues

When compared with programming languages, Java is slower and does require even more memory.

Final Verdict

Being a developer you will always need to enhance your skills as per the latest updates and trends. Yes, Java is the best and the king when it comes to developing android applications. But, as a developer, it is convincing to read the advantages of Kotlin and there is no harm in giving a shot to it!

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