TOP 10 POPULAR Keyword Research Tools

top 10 popular keyword research tools

As we know that keyword research is the most important element in the modern era of search engine optimization. Be it the commencement of an old article or development of new brand content strategies, 

The involvement of high-quality keywords is a must and it can be attained through the best SEO services. With the same, one can make way with efficient and effective approaches towards consistency and bring in good traffic towards the website as well. 

Given below are the finest keyword research tools that will benefit from achieving good content

  1. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Ahrefs is regarded as one of the best keyword tools for a research basis. This is available for content creators everywhere. The keyword explorer is a great platform that displays a widened keyword report to the users and the trusts on the clickstream data for bestowing with distinctive click metrics. Some of the key features of the research tool are as follows:

  • Proper keyword score
  • Thousand plus guidance and suggestions for keywords
  • It is being supported by 171 countries
  • Involvement of click metrics as well for improvisation of CTR
  • Provides an overview of SERP

Charge Rates 

The keyword research tool has four different kinds of plans. Charges for freelancers, medium scale organizations, online marketers, and huge brands begin at $82 for each month, in case there is a choice of a yearly payment plan. Feel free to take trials with subscription plans for Lite and Standard versions. 

2. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is an easy option that serves some simple features. In spite of the scarcity in functions, it is considered as the finest source of keyword data present in the market. The data is generated directly from Google itself and the results are amalgamated with the AdSense monetization. Take a look at some of the key features of the tool:

  • Search for nest commercial keywords with the “top of the page” bid way.
  • Effective volume of search straight from Google’s search engine.
  • One of the finest search for business websites

Charge Rates 

This Google Keyword Planner can be purchased for free. 

3. SEMrush

SEMrush is the same as the Swiss Army Knife of SEO. Rather than the production of a list of keywords, SEMrush guides towards five to ten particular keywords that are in use by the competitors already. The key features of the same are as follows: 

  • Feel free to uncover the long-tail keywords and the ad group ideas as well
  • Make way for annual keyword trends
  • There is a worldwide CPC statistics of the distribution
  • One can freely access the complete keyword research toolkit
  • You can take a look at the insights of keyword analysis and organic traffic

Charge Rates

This keyword research tool gives a seven day free trial for the users. There is no need for entering your credit card details in accessing the trial and there are no charges imposed for cancellation of the subscription plans during the seven-day trial. There are four plans included in the pricing plans that is the pro plan, guru plan, business plan, and enterprise plan. 

4. KWFinder

This is a proper tool made by Mangools, who is a developer recognized for delivering the right keyword research tools in different categories. One can even use the beginner guide as well in the starting period. KWFinder platform turns it simple in searching keywords that have lesser difficulty in search engine optimization accompanied with a complete host of other beneficial features. The key features for this platform are:

  • Distinctive and user-friendly navigation user interface
  • Search keywords in different languages or target at any point in time
  • Choose various options from the list of best keywords
  • Be aware of the apt statistics for keyword competition
  • An overview of in-depth SERP accompanied with many suggestions
  • Make use of filters for refining the list of keyword suggestions

Charge Rates 

This platform has the prices carried along with the Mangools package containing four different search engine optimization tools. There is a basic plan, a premium one, and agency pricing. 

5. Long Tail Pro

Undoubtedly, long-tail keywords are the new style of search engine optimization. A lot of long-tail keywords are generated for different genre websites by Long Tail Pro. The same also owns fad following with the content producers in the micro-niche websites. The key features involve:

  • Strong and detailed metrics of keywords
  • Simple based long-tail keywords
  • Flourishment of recommendations to attract great converted organic traffic
  • More than 2500 SERP lookups are undertaken after every twenty-four hours

Charge Rates 

Since the tool is a premium research tool which is the reason that it does not provide free trials. There is the lowest rate of subscriptions present as well that can be easily availed. Three offered plans are starter pack, pro, and agency. 

6. Majestic

This one is fully packed all in one search engine optimization tool for keeping track of the website’s health. This is an ideal tool for the new blogs and small businesses that do not have the resources for investing complex support for search engine optimization. Key features are:

  • SEO elements are present in an individual tool kit
  • Search for simple target phrases
  • Undertake a research competition on every keyword
  • For the website insights, reliability and authority graphs are included

Charge Rates 

You can freely use it three times and know about the services. After the same, you need to enroll for it and it has only a pro version available. 

7. Keyword Tool

For the ones who have obsessions for keyword data mining, it is the right time to use this tool. The tool is considered the best for top keyword research tools on the market and bestows analysis for various search engines like Google, Bing, and more. Some of the key features are as follows:

  • Search for best keywords through Google Autocomplete
  • It provides social media marketing through Instagram and Twitter keyword analysis
  • Show up results to CSV
  • Easy UX for the beginners

8. Serpstat

Are you the one looking for a complete package of SEO suite? Well, then this is the right choice that can merge website analysis, SERP analysis, keyword research, backlink analysis, rank tracker, plus the website audit elements. It is a proper pack for streamlining the complete category of search engine optimization. The key features include things like

  • Look out for target competitors through graph system
  • Check out the difficult keywords and trends
  • The best budget choice present on the list

9. Moz Keyword Explorer

This is regarded as the easiest tool for usage, check out the best out of the box keyword suggestions. The search engine optimization tool of the platform shows off the elements that are expected from the apt keyword research tools and the different distinctive data points. There is a presence of two kinds of a score like organic CTR and priority score. The key features are: 

  • Get in tune with the keyword guidances
  • For intelligent targeting, use the organic CTR and Priority Score
  • It also gives a trial period for one month

10. SpyFu

SpyFu is the greatest option for knowing about the search engine optimization strategies. This keyword research tool is beneficial for uncovering the precious, untapped keywords and builds a great difference while an individual works in a different vocation. Its key features are:

  • Comparison of unique websites in competition for a single term of search
  • Finding difficult ranking and historical rank changes
  • Extra modules for the in-depth domain analysis

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