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What not you can get from a smartphone? A smartphone has become a need of the hour which is equipped with all the things we need in our day to day life. Be it calling, be it music, be it ordering something or any work, the smartphone is indeed aRead More →

Mobile phones are getting smarter every day. We have become dependent on this smart device. From starting the day till the end, they are always with us. Though the devices are smart, we still need to keep them safe from external damage. Previously, we had phones with buttons, now weRead More →

Are you thinking to sell your iPhone? Do you know what you need to do before selling your iPhone? Do you know what consequences you might have to bear if you sell your iPhone without the precautionary measures? These are some questions that we have to ask from you beforeRead More →

alexa rank

In this digitally dominant world, it is really hard to take good care of a business. Sometimes we need assistance and sometimes information. Hiring an expert for every single issue is possible, but is definitely not appropriate. The Alexa’s Certified Metrics is considered to be the right web analytics tool.Read More →

Android Architecture: MvpVsMvvm

Model-View-Presenter and Model-View-View Model both are most valuable assortment patterns in the software development. Let’s have look MVP and MVVM one by one. Then we discuss their comparisons. A Model View Presenter (MVP) is a technique of development in which various new product and websites are developed with the featuresRead More →

SEO services in Mohali

SEO services can be used for the business people. If the people who are looking for the  SEO company Mohali is the right place for the best SEO service.  The webhopers is the best digital marketing company  were to provide the results  with the oriented   with the  white hat  andRead More →

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If you are a social media influencer or a social media addict, you know how this platform works. Whenever you create any new content and publish it on your channel, you leave the content in the hands of the audiences or your legit subscribers. You cannot expect that everybody willRead More →

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The most frequent complaint that smartphone users often register is bad cell service and reception. So the obvious answer might seem that changing networks is the way to go about it right? The step may not be as easy as it sounds. For starters, most of the users of saidRead More →